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The idea that sugar should not be added to coffee is quite widespread. Partly for health reasons, partly because sugar is believed to alter the taste and aromas of coffee.

There are some people who are almost embarrassed when they open the sachet. But an article by a great coffee expertcomes to their rescue. Luigi Odello, president of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, writes:

"Sugar is to coffee like amagnifying glass .. It has an amplifying activity of many odorous substances in coffee, so itit makes good coffees betterand worse those that generate displeasure."

For those who must choose a coffee blend, the expert's advice is therefore to taste the coffee first without sugar and then with sugar.

The suggested concentration is 5-10%, in an espresso equal to about 3 grams(today's most popular sugar sachets contain 5 grams, a somewhat large dose. However, to avoid waste, 3-gram sachets are also becoming popular).

After all, about80 percent of the population drinks coffee with sugar. What's the point of creating a blend without making sure they might like it too?