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The cult of coffee.

Very fast at the counter, or very slow at the table of your favorite restaurant.

Nothing beats a carefully prepared coffee in a place you love.

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FAQ. let's clear your doubts

We know, a good blend is not enough. To ensure good coffee, the machine and grinder must also be of the best quality and adjusted. That is why Masaba Coffee also provides its customers with coffee machine, grinder, cups, technical service and training courses.

Yes, the investment in the machines and technical service is important, so we ask that the customer guarantee a minimum weekly purchase of 5 kg.

Yes, Masaba Coffee grants catering customers better prices. Based on the expected monthly volumes, the material required and the duration of the contract, the customer benefits from dedicated business conditions.

No, customers who have a machine on loan are guaranteed free routine maintenance service and repairs due to factory defects. Technical interventions due to customer negligence (failure to clean the machine, misuse, etc.), will be charged to the customer.

Masaba Coffee, in addition to single-origin 100% Uganda coffee, also offers 4 different blends. These cater to the taste of both those who want a classic strong espresso coffee like at the bar and those who seek a lighter, suave coffee.