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Masaba at Work

The First Impression

Coffee says something about you

Masaba is committed to bringing good coffee to the working world.

Fiduciaries, teachers, lawyers, nurses, bankers, computer scientists, architects, etc.

The coffee you choose is a symbol of your taste, your care for your employees and customers.

It is also a symbol of your sensitivity to the environment.

Freshly ground coffee beans -as a substitute for aluminum or plastic capsules- demonstrate your commitment to reducing waste.

5 reasons to choose Masaba Coffee

1. Fresh Coffee

Hand-roasted coffee, 15 kg at a time. Masaba Coffee comes to you with the aromas of fresh coffee.

2. Ecological

Coffee beans or biodegradable pods. Make your environmental awareness a reality.

3. Different Blends

We offer different coffee blends, from sweeter to stronger flavors, for lovers of true Italian espresso.

4. Coffee Machine

We provide coffee machines that suit your needs, with professional technical service (Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.).

5. Delivery

Weekly delivery service at your office. The convenience of receiving everything without having to move.

Happy Customers

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